Three of my five dinners in Atlanta and should have made it 5/5- Yeah! Burger (Gluten-Free Fried Chicken, Outside Trips)

To say this post has been on my mind for a while would be an understatement. I visited Atlanta in April and it is now the beginning of September… I’ll save the lame excuses (and I’ve mentioned them a few times in other recent overdue posts), but I can pretty confidently say that I still remember my visits (yes plural) to Yeah! Burger very clearly, even after all these months. It helped that I went there for dinner three of the five nights I was in Atlanta.

I had wanted to visit Yeah! Burger on an earlier Atlanta trip, but I was there for a conference and I had less time and flexibility. I did get a chance that trip to visit Chick-a-Biddy, which is the current venture of one of Yeah! Burger’s co-founders. I enjoyed my visit to Chick-a-Biddy (pretty good mac and cheese and decent chicken strips) and after that experience I was a lot more interested in Yeah! Burger’s gluten-free buns and onion rings. Even better, their menu clearly states that the gluten-free buns have a separate toaster and the gluten-free fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings are made in a dedicated fryer. Jackpot! This place isn’t just paying lip service to the gluten-free craze, but offering a viable (and seemingly exciting) restaurant meal for celiacs and those eating gluten-free for health reasons.

In my pre-trip research on Atlanta gluten-free options I noticed from looking over Yeah! Burger’s menu that they seemed to have added gluten-free fried chicken to their menu since my last trip! Basically this meant that when I got into Atlanta Sunday afternoon, I took MARTA to my hotel, walked a few blocks, checked-in, put down my suitcase, and then got in an Uber and went straight over. I visited their West Midtown location, which was in an area of restaurants and shops in what looked like relatively new development. I liked the vibe and feel of the neighborhood.

I am a burger lover, but there is no question I was going for the gluten-free fried chicken sandwich. The onion rings also seemed like a must. However I still was enticed by their shakes, their hot dogs with gluten-free buns, and their fries. I think it was then that I realized I’d be coming here a few times on this trip, despite the drive.

This first visit I went for of course the gluten-free fried chicken sandwich with white cheddar cheese and bacon, plus a side of onion rings. The onion rings were very good quality, crunchy, and really felt like they were covered in fried batter. Other gluten-free onion rings I’ve tried have had more of a loose skin of batter around them and 1) that tends to come off easily, but 2) it just never seemed to be like the really crispy onion rings you see at like Burger King. Though regular onions rings have never been something I really have “cheated’ with (the only distinct memory I have is of an onion ring accidentally getting into my fries as a kid and me sneakily trying to eat it. Pretty sure my mom got really upset…), I feel confident saying Yeah! Burger’s onion rings are a strong gluten-free attempt at matching regular onion rings and in the top percentile of gluten-free onion rings.

I’m sure gluten-free readers are wondering about the gluten-free fried chicken. Yeah it was good! It was really really good! I think I’m going to break a blog tradition (which existed for no particular reason) and post a pic in the middle of the post, so you can see this fried chicken sandwich in all of its glory!

Not going to lie, I was pretty excited about this Instagram-worthy pic, on top of it being so delicious!

The fried chicken patty was massive, but it also had such a satisfying crunch and flavor. This easily beats any of the few regular breaded chicken patties I’ve “cheated” with. You can tell this one is good quality and it’s just so dang crispy. You just don’t usually get that kind of texture with gluten-free foods. Complemented with some bacon and cheese on a pretty solid gluten-free bun and I was in heaven! I could probably start writing long odes to this chicken sandwich. I don’t have a problem assuming this is one of the best gluten-free fried chicken sandwiches out there. No joke I wouldn’t be surprised if some gluten-frees decided to make a trip to Atlanta primarily for this sandwich based on the pic (and of course due to my incredible descriptive skills too…). I honestly wouldn’t blame them at all for basing an Atlanta trip around this sandwich!

After my very successful first visit there were still too many other things I had wanted to try to not go back. They don’t need as long of a description as the gluten-free fried chicken sandwich, but were still great options. I went for the bison burger, a shake, and some Parmesan truffle fries one time (all solid and delicious). And on my third trip I went for a Southern dog (topped with Pimento cheese, minced onions and Hot Alabama Relish) on a gluten-free bun and a regular burger on a gluten-free bun (as a side. No big deal). Both burger and hot dogs buns were quality, gluten-free buns that are a pretty decent substitute to regular buns (not too dry and holds together). I love pimento cheese, so that was also a favorite. If you’re celiac you just have to get the gluten-free fried chicken on your first visit, but all of these were good alternatives for return visits.

I went with some gluten-eating co-workers for two of my three visits and they gave the regular food a big thumbs up. Yeah! Burger is a great fast casual (but high-quality) restaurant for regular eaters to check out and have as an option (there’s another location east of downtown). Any gluten-frees in Atlanta MUST MUST MUST check this out. Just look at that picture of the gluten-free fried chicken sandwich. Unreal. And they have dedicated gluten-free toasters and fryers! You better believe that if I ever have a long layover in Atlanta (or have the option to select one) I am going to seriously consider the feasibility of Ubering from the airport to Yeah! Burger for that gluten-free fried chicken sandwich and then back for my connecting flight. And it will certainly be a first stop on any return Atlanta trips. So good! And I will leave it at that.

Yeah! Burger- 1168 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30318 (other location in Virginia-Highlands)

The Southern dog and a burger in the background


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