Adding to the list of relaxing places to just sit and drink + house made sausages- The Mighty (Coral Way, Bars, Restaurant)

The other weekend I met up with some friends at the Mighty on Coral Way. One of them lives in the Gables and has passed it a few times and wondered about it. Coral Way has always been a place I want to explore more on the restaurant side. The row of trees in the middle of Coral Way has always made it an enjoyable drive for me (and once you get down into the Gables Coral Way is incredibly stunning). There are a lot of restaurants and businesses along Coral Way and it seems to have a busy, but neighborhood, vibe to it.

My friend mentioned they are supposedly well-known for their sausages and this triggered a vague memory of hearing about a restaurant with house made sausages on Coral Way. I checked out the menu and was more positive that I had read about this gastropub before. They have a number of different sausages (from different kinds of meats), plus some bar food, burgers, and a few other entrees. I hadn’t really eaten dinner, so I was excited to check it out as both a bar and restaurant/gastropub.

The Mighty isn’t huge and has an intimate feel. There are about 4-5 booths on the right side, some small two tops in the middle and then a bar with some seating. There’s then a pool table in the back. I think the gastropub term applies very well not only to the food, but also the decor. Upscale bar that feels intimate and welcoming (but slightly hip). It also just feels like a neighborhood bar.

My friends ordered a couple beers and I looked at the cider selection. They had the Swedish Rekorderlig cider I’ve had before. It’s pretty delicious, but just very sweet, so I was looking for something else. I went for a Spanish cider, the El Gaitero Sidra, which I would say was pretty unique. It was certainly dry, certainly, but there was something subtly different about it from the dry British ciders I’ve had. It was almost slightly sour/hint of sweet as an aftertaste to the more bitter dry cider flavor. Always interested to branch out and this fit my mood a lot better than the sweet (very sweet) Rekorderlig (it really just tastes like juice).

On the food side the spicy beef sausage caught my attention first and held it the whole time we were deciding what to order. It has chilies, cilantro, and garlic inside and then comes with sauteed peppers and onions on top. A friend also went for one of those and then another friend went for the pork and smoked bacon sausage. I also got an order of the Mighty fries on the side.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the Mighty while we waited for our food. It was busy, but not overly loud. Just a perfect place to sit, talk, and drink. I’ve loved that Wynwood has led to more chill bars in Miami (rather than just clubby ones), but they still sometimes aren’t the place to just sit, relax, and talk (at a normal level) on a Saturday night.

When our food came out I started to cut up my spicy beef sausage (they come with no bun unless you add it). First couple bites were excellent (well all the bites were). It was a really spot on balance of the beef and the chilies. It was a nice kick, but not too much that you can’t enjoy the food itself. Only downside was that the cut-up pieces fell apart pretty easily. My friend got the pork/bacon one in a bun, so I’m not sure if the fact mine was made out of beef made it more “crumbly” or if understandably being house made and more authentic meant it has less casing than store bought sausages. Would it have been nicer to get some bigger bites?- yes, but I still got pretty much the same experience in terms of flavor and taste. My friend, who is a big hot dog fan, really liked his pork/bacon sausage (and he’s not the type to usually talk up a meal). My fries were natural-cut and I really enjoyed them to where I thought “oh these are good, solid fries.”

If I lived near Coral Way I would probably come to the Mighty a lot. I’ll certainly plan to be back and I think it’ll be top of mind when discussing a place to just go and drink and hang out. I also think the sausages are kind of worthy of making it a destination. Next time I definitely want to try out the pork/bacon sausage and there also is a chicken Gorgonzola mango one that caught my eye. Additionally there are duck, lamb, and rabbit sausages, which I think a lot of people will find interesting. On the appetizer end the bar chips (malanga, yuca, and potato chips) sounded very good to me. There also are a number of interesting appetizers that non-gluten-frees would like- crispy frog legs, shrimp and roasted corn fritters, fried bombas, and stuffed piquillo peppers. I recommend The Mighty for the vibe and the sausages. Great place if you’re near Coral Way and worth seeking out if you’re a sausage fan or are having trouble finding a relaxed place to hang out and drink. The tag line of the Mighty is “craft beer, sausages, stiff drinks, and real food.” I think at the Mighty you’re not compromising on the alcohol, the food, or a great place to drink. Pictures that are a little dark below the website link.

The Mighty- 2224 Coral Way Miami, FL 33145

The spicy beef sausage with chimichurri and what seemed like a small thing of potato salad
The natural cut fries
Shot of the bar


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