Ground bacon, doughnut buns, guava jelly, and more make for some fascinating burgers!- LoKal (Coconut Grove, Restaurants)

A really good friend of mine was back home in Miami for a long weekend from New York and our group of friends had plans to hang out at several points throughout the weekend. One night we made dinner and beer/cider plans and decided to meet in the Grove, which is roughly halfway between his parents’ place in Pinecrest and downtown where two of us friends live. I absolutely love the Grove, so there weren’t any complaints from me. We also had a few drinks afterwards at our old stomping grounds in the Grove- Barracuda- which was a lot of fun.

My friend who was back home wanted to check out LoKal for dinner. I was open to this, as I enjoy the LoKal spin-off, Kush, in Wynwood. Both my other friend and I liked our time at Kush. The only downside with Kush is just that it’s so small, so it gets packed. I was pretty sure LoKal is a little bigger, so you hopefully get the good food (especially burgers) of Kush without the hassle of the crowd.

LoKal is decently bigger than Kush, but it still was packed when we got there. Being in the center of Coconut Grove you do have a wider crowd to draw from than Kush on the border of Wynwood. The wait was going to be about 20 minutes, so we walked a bit around the Grove while we waited for our other friend and a table. I absolutely love the Grove and its history, its historical architecture, and its foliage, so I didn’t mind the walk. Check out some pics from one of my earlier explorations in the Grove here.

Once seated we checked out the beer/cider selection and the food. I already knew what I wanted from looking at the menu online- the Fidy Fidy burger. It’s a burger patty of half ground beef, half ground BACON!, plus Miami Smokers bacon on top. Bacon is probably one of my most favorite foods, so this burger was absolutely a must. No debate. I also liked that it came with 50% fries, 50% sweet potato fries.

The Fidy Fidy was a very solid burger. The bacon came through certainly with the strips of bacon on top, but also just in the patty itself. Was maybe hoping for a little bit more to come from the ground bacon in the patty. This burger was a little bit harder to eat cutting it up (no bun) as it fell apart more easily (probably due to the ground bacon). It was equivalent to a good bacon cheeseburger though in taste. I did like the Monterrey jack cheese that they used, plus the sweet onion marmalade. It’s a good burger and one I would get again, but I might have amped myself up a little bit too much from the ground BACON! aspect.

The only slight downside to LoKal over Kush is that it’s missing the delicious Hobo Pie (chili and shredded cheese in a bag of Fritos). I was a big fan of that at Kush. LoKal does have chili though, plus guacamole (which Kush also has) on the gluten-free appetizer end. Looking back over the menu next time I am also going to ask about the Frita burger. It’s made with guava jelly, Gruyere cheese, potato sticks, bacon, and LoKal sauce. I think I assumed this was like the pastelito burger at Pincho Factory (due to the guava jelly), which has a pastry on it. LoKal also has a doughnut burger called the Childhood Dream, so this also might have led to that pastry assumption. With a pastry it wouldn’t be gluten-free, but its description on the website means that it likely could be gluten-free. Something to ask about next time and potentially try. Non-gluten-free eaters should strongly consider the Childhood Dream- doughnut as the buns for the burger, plus candied bacon.

Similar to Kush, LoKal is a go-to place for quality burgers (some quite creative) and craft beer (plus a few ciders). It has a prime location in the Grove to walk around before or afterwards. The Grove is truly a special place, so I could see myself ending up back at LoKal vs. Kush for the added vibe of the Grove (plus it being a little bit larger). I am going to recommend LoKal as a place to go if you’re in or near the Grove. If you are looking for craft beer (and having trouble finding it elsewhere) or really craving one of the burgers listed above (especially the doughnut one), then this gets bumped up to a worth-the-drive recommendation. Hopefully the next time I go a gluten friend gets the doughnut burger, so I can share that pic!

LoKal- 3190 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove, FL 33133

The Fidy Fidy burger- layer of burger, bacon, cheese, and sweet onion marmalade
Close up of the burger (bacon strips are covered in cheese, but jutting out)


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