A bacon X marks the spot for gluten-free buns in Midtown- Hurricane Grill & Wings (Restaurant)

This will be a pretty quick post about an unexpected find right “in front of my face.” A friend was leaving Miami to go to medical school in Chicago and we were trying to figure out one last lunch before he drove out the next day. I remember having one place I thought would be interesting to try (but right now can’t remember exactly where that was). Time was also a little short with me at work and him needing to do a bunch of stuff before he left. He really wanted to go to Hurricane’s Grill & Wings in Midtown (which was across the street from my office at the time) for some wings. To be honest I was a little surprised that was his pick for one of his last meals in Miami, but since he was the one leaving I agreed.

I had been to Hurricane’s once or twice before randomly and had done a burger with no bun, but hadn’t tried the wings. I wanted to see if they were gluten-free. After a little bit of time searching the consensus seemed to be that the wings themselves were not. A few of the sauces were, but that didn’t do much good. I did however stumble across a press release about gluten-free buns being introduced at Hurricane’s. Hmm… I then found a gluten-free menu (here) that also listed gluten-free buns. Maybe my friend’s odd choice of Hurricane’s was going to pay off.

Hurricane’s is right across the street from my old office, so I walked over and was there a little bit before my friend. I didn’t see a gluten-free section on the main menu, so I asked the passing hostess. She wasn’t confused by the request or anything, which is a good sign, and went to grab a separate gluten-free menu. The menu matched up with what I saw online. The options are mostly salads and burgers/sandwiches with a gluten-free bun. They do have chicken lettuce wraps for appetizers though, which piqued my interest.

Once my friend arrived we got to ordering. The mahi mahi sandwich and grilled chicken sandwich strongly caught my attention for some reason (usually I totally would be strictly burgers), but I figured I wanted to test this gluten-free bun on a burger. I went for a basic bacon cheeseburger on a gluten-free bun. The waiter was a little confused by this and had to go check with the manager about the gluten-free buns. They did indeed have them and the manager knew about it, but I’ll be honest I was slightly concerned the waiter didn’t know about it. I’m not that surprised and certainly nothing against the waiter, but this confusion or lack of awareness about a restaurant’s gluten-free menu tends to be more indicative of the restaurant’s commitment to gluten-free and what risk might be involved (though in Hurricane Grill’s defense they only label the menu “gluten sensitive” so I was aware of the risk of cross-contamination coming in).

The bacon cheeseburger on a gluten-free bun ended up being a pretty solid burger. I was impressed with the bun. I think it’s a national brand of some kind, because it reminds me of the gluten-free buns at Burger & Beer Joint and The Counter. It’s a good gluten-free bun and I like eating burgers on it. The burger patty itself left a little to be desired. Your sort of standard fast casual burger patty. Overall though with the cheese and the bacon on a gluten-free bun it was a solid burger. It’s nice to know that I have that as an option when I am in the Midtown area and especially for these random fluke situations where friends want to go there.

Hurricane’s is your standard chain. For those in Midtown who like wings you might check it out. Also while the service in the past has been a little slow (not this particular incident though), it’s really nothing compared to the terribly long visits I’ve had at Bar Louie a few spots over. So it also might be a place to get a relatively (very relatively) “quick” beer in Midtown (if you want food and thus don’t want to do World of Beer). Gluten-frees it’s nice to know they have gluten-free buns if your friends want to go (or you’re craving a gluten-free burger with a bun). Just know the risk involved for cross-contaminationĀ for celiacs (I did not have a reaction this time though). Overall though this is a strictly if-you’re-in-the-area restaurant possibility (it is a national chain, so also look out for other locations), at least if you’re desperate for wings or gluten-free burgers. In that case it makes it a solid option.

Hurricane Grill & Wings- 3401 N Miami Ave Miami, FL (on the east side of the complex on Buena Vista Boulevard near Lime Mexican and Spris Pizza)


X marks the spot
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