I hope home fries don’t sue me for this… hash browns at Jimmy’s Eastside Diner (Upper Eastside, Restaurant)

I’ve been writing a lot of blog posts recently to catch up on old posts and the end is in sight! The backed up posts were both Miami posts and out-of-town travel posts. I greatly enjoy breakfast food, so it makes sense I had a couple breakfast/brunch experiences on my recent trips. If there were hash browns available then I certainly got them, as I LOVE hash browns! My favorite on the trips was probably the hash browns at the Publican in Chicago. However I got them several other times too on different trips. Writing a lot of these posts close together made me think that I maybe have been bashing home fries a lot recently… It might just be because when I have hash browns and write about them I tend to lament how most places in Miami have only home fries. It’s not necessarily a diss toward home fries, but more how much I love hash browns.

I love hash browns so much in fact that I actively seek them out in Miami. I’m not kidding when I say that there are home fries just about everywhere in Miami, but not a lot of places with hash browns. What is up with that?! Clearly you know where I stand on which is better (it’s not even a question in my mind). I probably wouldn’t have as much of a problem with home fries if they weren’t exclusively on 99% of restaurant menus in Miami… That hopefully is the end of my home fries rant and I can focus more on the positive than the negative. The positive is that I found a place in Miami with some pretty good hash browns!

I’ve driven by Jimmy’s Eastside Diner on Biscayne numerous times. When I first lived in Miami I had a lot of friends who lived in North Bay Village, so I would drive up Biscayne somewhat often from Midtown. Even today I still have a good number of friends up that way. I drove by Jimmy’s and always wondered about it. As I spent more time in Miami and realized it doesn’t have a lot of diners, I began to be more curious about Jimmy’s. Some friends who had been there said it’s your typical diner kind of place with a bit of that grease-aspect to the food.

Fast forward probably a good three years and I was just really craving hash browns. It was after a trip to Atlanta where I experienced Waffle House. There are some Waffle House locations up in Broward (Southwest Ranches and Davie being the closest), but that seemed a little far to drive (even with my love of hash browns). Instead I did a Yelp search for hash browns. The number of results was a little pathetic (cue slightly misdirected anger at home fries again). However, Jimmy’s Eastside Diner did pop up! I mentioned it to a friend who lives nearby in North Bay and we saw it being a part of our future plans.

Since I’ve been working on a lot of backed up posts, this visit to Jimmy’s was in late April (please don’t scroll up and check when this blog post was published. Please…). I remember distinctly the time of year (without having to check the pictures I took), because it was that crazy, god awful day we almost broke 100 degrees and it was just like this insane (relatively) dry heat. I almost thought I was back in Phoenix or Palm Springs and I remember looking out the window of Jimmy’s and expecting to see a tumbleweed go by or something. I may as well have been staring outside at Mars for how bizarre the world outside felt… I remember thinking “god we are going to be in for a brutal summer…”, but thankfully I thought this summer was relatively less hot than previous ones (it still was pretty darn hot though).

Anyways back to the point of this blog post, which is the hash browns. The answer is yes, Jimmy’s has excellent crispy hash browns! Just perfectly done- not burnt and not white and undercooked. Legit breakfast places know how to do good hash browns, but you’d be surprised at the number of places that can’t get the formula for hash browns (crispy on the outside, cooked but not under cooked in the middle with that buttery taste)… Sometimes I’ve been places where it’s a combination of burnt and under cooked in the same batch (no perfect crispy at all…). I am grateful for hash browns in Miami kind of anywhere given their rarity, but I want them to be good. Jimmy’s delivers on that!

I also enjoyed my corn beef hash, which was also the right kind of crispy that hashes need to be, but a bit more standard to what you’ll find elsewhere in Miami. Eggs weren’t bad and were your regular diner eggs. My friend’s omelette was quite large, but she was a little bit disappointed that it had what seemed like melted Kraft singles in the middle… Not the best quality of cheese from what she described. She wasn’t sure if she could have ordered a different kind of cheese (higher quality), but that’s what it came with.

If you crave hash browns like I do, then Jimmy’s is definitely a stop-if-you’re-in-the-area kind of place on the Upper Eastside. It’s your solid American diner with some grease. This leads to some excellent hash browns and corned beef hash. My friend’s omelette left a bit to be desired, but there looked to be some other solid options on the menu to try. It also seemed to have a number of Greek options (I’m guessing that’s the background of the owners). Check out what I’ll claim is a pretty great pic of the hash browns below!

Jimmy’s Eastside Diner- 7201 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138

Ah those hash browns! Eggs in the middle and corned beef hash in the back.

My friend’s omelette


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