PHOTO BLOG POST: Festivals of Speed (Events, April)

Since moving back downtown from the Beach about a year ago, Museum Park has been my go-to place. I run through it almost every morning and go there sometimes with one of my beach chairs to read in the shade. I’ll let the linked post speak more about the park, but since it’s so close I pay extra attention to what is going on there. I read an article on about a Festivals of Speed event happening in the park. It’s a meet up for people to bring all their cars- supers cars, muscle cars, antique cars, etc.- plus a few other “speed” vehicles like motorcycles, boats, and even a helicopter. The public can pay for admission and walk around and check the vehicles out. I’ve loved cars since I was a little kid and went to the Auto Show every year with my dad, so this is an event in general that is right up my alley.

My friend and I made plans to go over in the morning of the event before it got too hot and before some other plans that we had. That was a good decision, because it was one of the hottest days of the year. Miami Airport got to 96 degrees (this was only April) and it was just a brutal dry heat (like Phoenix or Palm Springs). The walk from my apartment to Museum Park is maybe five blocks, but we were both really overheated by the time we got there. We decided we’d try and speed through (no pun intended), while still trying to enjoy everything there was to see.

I do have to say I was pretty impressed with the variety of vehicles that were there. I love the Miami Auto Show and take my little brother mentee there every year, but I would say this probably had far more “exciting” cars than the Auto Show (though the Auto Show is great to get an idea about cars you can actually expect to buy). For what I expected to be a smaller event in a park, there was quite the speed/luxury punch. There were more regular luxury cars and super cars I assume were more the standard model (as “standard” as a $400,000 car can be), which were still cool to see, but there were also a lot of customized and really decked out cars. Whether it was deliberate or coincidence (since there are usually yachts docked in the boat slip next the Museum Park), having the megayachts next to the Festival was very cool as well. While I know this isn’t very realistic, I just wish we could have toured them or something (that would have made this a highlight of my year).

If the Festival comes back to Miami next year I’d definitely look into going again. Even in the almost 100 degree weather I really enjoyed this event. Car and/or luxury fans will certainly enjoy it too I think. Admission was $20, which at first seemed a little steep, but it was going to a good cause (the Darryl Gwynn Foundation for spinal cord injury suport) and I think you got a lot for your money. You may also be able to find LivingSocial or Groupon deals if you plan in advance. Pictures below of just some of vehicles at the Festival of Speed.

Festival of Speed (April)-


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