PHOTO BLOG POST- Columbus’s German Village + Schiller Park & Downtown (Outside Trips)

After my visit to Bake Me Happy during my trip to Columbus last week I headed north to explore the German Village. My first stop was Schiller Park, which was a suggestion of my friend from Columbus who was getting married. There were some beautiful homes across the street to the south, so I walked up and down that block a little bit at first. I then stopped and sat down to eat some of my food from Bake Me Happy. The park was peaceful and serene and mostly filled with families and walkers with dogs. The neighborhood surrounding it is also very calm (it also was a Friday morning).

My actual walk through the park took about 10-15 minutes. The park is mostly open, so you can see what catches your interest. I liked that Schiller is a large park with a good number of things to see (pond, flower bed, statues), but not too large that it’s unmanageable. I have odd FOMO (fear of missing out) with places like parks and museums when they are very large or their layout is more complicated. I worry that I’m somehow not going to see every single thing. I’m not sure why I have such compulsion (and slight anxiety) to see every single thing, but luckily with Schiller Park it wasn’t an issue.

Schiller Park is named after the German poet, Friedrich Schiller. His statue is one of the focal points of the park. I liked that there were several plaques of his quotes with both English and German translations (I was able to practice a bit of my rusty high school German). Nearby were some beautiful and colorful flower beds. It’s interesting that sometimes common things in other parts of the country catch my attention so much. It has been a while since I saw really colorful non-tropical flowers. Similar to seeing fall leaves in St. Louis a year ago, I spent probably an unusual amount of time taking in what’s pretty typical up north.

After Schiller Park I employed my usual strategy of wandering and seeing what caught my attention, which led to a pretty haphazard and backtracking route. My general aim though was the Book Loft. After scoping out some different streets I stayed close to 3rd Street, which felt like the main drag of the German Village (from what I saw). I enjoyed the architecture of the German Village quite a lot. I always enjoy seeing neighborhoods that have maintained their architecture both in quality of upkeep and consistency around the neighborhood. There were homes and buildings that looked a lot newer, but there seemed to have been a strong attempt to have it blend in and seem historical. I’m a big fan of all of the brick. The cobblestone streets was also a great touch to the neighborhood’s ambiance and vibe. My historical architecture experience on trips generally tends to be either 1700/early 1800s Philly/Baltimore or late 1800s/early 1900s Portland/San Francisco/Chicago (Miami is all pretty modern except for some early/mid 1900s buildings). Columbus kind of falls right in the middle of those two periods, which I enjoyed the exposure to.

After the German Village I walked through the Brewery District and then downtown back to my hotel. I checked out the Ohio Statehouse, as well as a building that had caught my attention the day before- the Leveque Tower.

My time in Columbus was brief with two weddings in one weekend 2,000 miles away from each other, but I thought I got a great taste of Columbus in my two days. I mean that literally with visits to Cherbourg Bakery and Bake Me Happy, but also a nice tour of the German Village. “Photo” blog post (as this description got a little long) of Schiller Park, German Village, and a little bit of the Brewery District and downtown Columbus below.

One of the beautiful historic homes across the street from Schiller Park
Schiller Park pond
Flower bed looking towards the statue of Friedrich Schiller
Close-up of the flower bed
Even more of a close-up
Quote from one of Schiller’s plays “Mary Stuart” in both English and German
Stage where a Shakespeare company performs
Cute little home in the German Village
The cobblestone street common throughout the Village
Another example of the homes in the German Village
Backside of St. Mary’s School hidden behind a hedge
Front side of St. Mary’s (I really like this building)
Lots and lot of brick in this picture!
Entrance to one of the German Village’s many quaint restaurants
Not all are brick though!
Brewery District
Brewery District
Brewery District
Columbus City Hall
LeVeque Tower from a distance
Looking up
It’s a very impressive building!
Close-up of the entrance and the detail
Ohio Statehouse
Statute of President McKinnley- Ohioans really love this guy

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