Baltimore (Gluten-Free)

In May 2015 I discovered a Southwest credit I didn’t use in the fall would expire if I didn’t use it before June 5th. I looked around at options and my credit was enough to get me a round trip flight from Fort Lauderdale to Baltimore over Memorial Day Weekend. I have a lot of friends who live or have lived in Baltimore and I had been promising to visit for quite some time. I did a night in D.C. when I first got into the DMV area (D.C.-Maryland-Virginia) to see my aunt and uncle and some D.C. friends, but the long weekend still gave me a good two days and two nights in Baltimore.

Before my trip to the Charm City I made a pretty ambitious list of gluten-free restaurants and sights to check out. The restaurants I more or less all got to, but the sights less so. That was alright, because I spent a lot of time hanging out with my friends and I visited Boordy Vineyards, which was one of my favorite memories of the trip and wasn’t on my original list. I also got a lot of time to do one of my favorite activities when traveling, which is just walking around and exploring a city’s neighborhoods. Baltimore has a lot of cool neighborhoods to explore (and a lot packed with history). I enjoyed my trip for many reasons and absolutely see myself ending up back in Baltimore eventually for another trip!

Restaurants (all with gluten-free options):


View of Baltimore Harbor and downtown from Federal Hill Park

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