Summers 2011 and 2012 I spent working in Philly. I didn’t have tons of free time (really at all except for part of Saturdays), but I was able to still enjoy the city with two summers there. I LOVE Philly. There are tons of great neighborhoods, restaurants, bars, and tons of HISTORY (which I am obsessed with). The architecture/history adds to the cool vibes of the restaurants and bars. Also just such a cool city to walk around and see what you stumble across!

Unfortunately I haven’t worked there summers since then, so I am far overdue for a trip back! Even with two summers there I feel like I only scratched the surface. And there is so many new restaurants and new things to do in Philly (one of the reasons I love it so much). Plus it’d be nice to go back for a trip when I’m not working so much. Below are the posts from my second summer (I didn’t start the blog until after my first summer), but there are some pics from my first summer underneath Sights.


  • Bar Ferdinand (Northern Liberties): a Spanish tapas restaurant, which from my time in Miami has become one of my favorite kinds of food. Northern Liberties is also a favorite of neighborhoods in Philly. It’s cool to see the mix of modern and historical. There are a lot of other restaurants and shops nearby to also check out.
  • Jamaican Jerk Hut (South Street): one of my favorite restaurants in Philly. Such good Jamaican food! Only been in the summer when most of their seating is outdoors on picnic tables, which is a lot of fun. Also it’s BYOB and they’ll bring out big chests of ice for you to chill your drinks in.
  • Jones (Old City): friends and family have raved about Stephen Starr’s restaurant. This was my first and I was really happy with the visit (sort of Southern comfort food). Since then I have been to more and am a huge fan of Stephen Starr. Don’t think you can go wrong by picking one of his restaurants and Philly (where he started his first) has a ton!
  • Percy Street BBQ (South Street): pretty delicious BBQ. My friends and I went for the big sampler and had a ridiculous amount of food and a lot of different things to sample.
  • PYT (Northern Liberties): I am so glad we went here, because this was my first time in Northern Liberties. It’s right on the main square that is the focal point of NoLibs. They have really delicious burgers and also adult milkshakes.
  • The Standard Tap (Northern Liberties): feels like you’re in a old revolutionary tavern/inn. Good selection of flavorful and filling foods. Was a nice place to get a meal, but also just some drinks.


  • Philadelphia Art Museum: sight of the famous Rocky steps, but also a great museum. I really enjoyed how much history was infused throughout the museum with the art (a lot of galleries were themed and had corresponding structures like a Versailles-like room or a Japanese house).
  • Photo Post: a few photos from my first summer in Philly (2011)
Collection of some of the impressive architecture in Center City

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