Washington D.C. (Gluten-Free)

I had some funds on Southwest I needed to use by June, so I decided to head to Baltimore to see some friends over Memorial Day Week 2015. I also decided to tack on a roughly 27-hour D.C. trip the first night to see some family and friends. Clearly that’s not enough time to even come close to scratching the surface of all that D.C. has to offer, but I enjoyed what I was able to squeeze in, including some gluten-free treats. Check out the posts from my brief 27-ish hours in D.C. below!

Gluten-Free Restaurants:

  • Carmine’s (Penn Quarter)– family style Italian Restaurant downtown. They have gluten-free pasta that you can substitute into most pasta dishes, but be warned that it’s a huge family-style portion. Keep that in mind depending on your group (and if you potentially want leftovers).
  • Rise Gluten-Free Bakery (Adams Morgan)– completely gluten-free bakery with a lot of delicious savory and sweet options. Highly recommend for any gluten-frees visiting D.C.!
  • Roti Mediterranean Grill (locations across D.C.)– this post is from a trip to a Chicago location (also available in New York City), but it’s one of my favorite fast casual restaurants, because they have delicious gluten-free pita! Anytime I am in Chicago, D.C., or NYC I have to stop at Roti for a pita (or two!).



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