San Antonio

I had a conference in San Antonio in Spring 2014 and luckily our hotel was right on the River Walk, so we were able to explore the River Walk during our free time. I was a big fan of the River Walk. There’s a lot of restaurants and shops overlooking the river. There are a lot of historical buildings and bridges with ivy. It sort of has this Disneyland-esque feel to it.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to venture far beyond the River Walk, although we did get to see the Alamo. Next trip I’d want to venture farther out into San Antonio, including to some cool neighborhoods I heard about (some new, some old). Beyond the River Walk (and even street level above the River Walk) downtown seemed pretty empty.

Food-wise I was pretty happy with San Antonio, because I got to do good BBQ and Mexican food (two of my favorite foods).

Restaurants (all on the River Walk):

  • Esquire Tavern: American food with some interesting twists (like mashed potato tacos) in a cool historic building on the River Walk
  • Iron Cactcus: ranked as having some of the best margaritas in the US and some pretty good, upscale Mexican food
  • The Country Line: Texas BBQ restaurant with tables right on the water. I don’t know how it ranks relative to most Texas BBQ, but I was a big fan.


Shot from the River Walk


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