Columbus (Gluten-Free)

In September 2015 my best friends from Miami were getting married in Columbus,Ohio (she grew up outside the city). Unfortunately I also had a close friend from college getting married the very next day in San Francisco… I logistically was able to swing both, but it left me only a day and half in Columbus. I made the most of my time outside wedding stuff to explore the German Village, including the Book Loft bookstore, and check out two pretty incredible gluten-free bakeries! Links to those posts below:

Restaurants (both 100% gluten-free!):

  • Bake Me Happy (Merion Village)– a 100% gluten-free bakery with more “American,” childhood favorite desserts (think gluten-free versions of Hostess and Little Debbie products). I am obsessed with their different kinds of flavored scones, plus their Blonde bar was pretty incredible! No seating inside, so you pretty much order to-go.
  • Cherbourg Bakery (Bexley)– also a 100% gluten-free bakery (and nut-free) that has seating inside and a cafe atmosphere. Has more of “French/European” baked goods (Madeline cookies, muffins, etc.), plus a lot of popular desserts. Favorites included the cheesy jalapeno bite, the S’mores bar, and the lemon bar.


  • Book Loft (German Village)– one of the largest independent bookstores in the country. It has 32 rooms packed with books. Quite a quirky vibe, but with a lot of good deals to be found! Worth a stop for book lovers and enthusiasts.
  • German Village Photo Blog (plus Schiller Park and Downtown)– historic section of Columbus with some cool architecture and cobblestone streets to experience. Schiller Park is a beautiful and relaxing park to explore.
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