Minneapolis (Gluten-Free)

My friend got married in September 2013 in her hometown of Minneapolis. I spent a long weekend there, which gave me some time to see some sights in Minneapolis before and after the wedding. Only two posts came out of that trip, but one is a great gluten-free option (that’s around the U.S.) and then the other is a collection of little adventures in Minneapolis, especially downtown.

  • Original Pancake House (Eden Prairie and locations around the country)– Minneapolis was where I first discovered all the great gluten-free options at Original Pancake House, but it wasn’t the first time visiting OPH. The ORIGINAL Original Pancake House is in Portland and I remember their Portland locations fondly as a kid. There are numerous locations around the country and some (if not many or most) have gluten-free options. The Eden Prairie location has a lot of great ones though (relative to what I have seen elsewhere)! Pancakes, crepes, plus other delicious breakfast food!
Downtown Minneapolis
View of downtown Minneapolis and the Old Stone Arch Bridge


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