Moving to Miami- Condo Search Tips

Below are some tips that I’ve compiled and given to friends moving to Miami from my own housing search and experience helping friends buy or rent their condos. Some are applicable to general housing searches in other parts of the country and some are more Miami specific. General Tips Whether Renting or Buying -Parking spots: […]

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Walkable Miami- Where To Live

Many people moving from other big cities are used to living in places that are very walkable, even living car-less, and might be looking for something similar in Miami. It’s important to note that Miami is definitely designed for driving, however I think there are several places to live where you can minimize, perhaps greatly, […]

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Omni Neighborhood Spotlight

I live in the Omni neighborhood of Miami, off Biscayne Blvd just north of downtown and the 395, which some consider inside or close to the Midtown neighborhood. The best asset of the neighborhood is that it sits along Pace Park and Biscayne Bay and is right next to the Venetian Causeway. There are always […]

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Moving To Miami- Resourcesllow

Miami (and the South Florida metro area) is a very diverse and spread out place and the city and many of its neighborhoods might be very new and different to people moving from elsewhere. It can be a bit overwhelming figuring out where to live and then finding a house or apartment. From moving to […]

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