Gluten-Free Portland

I didn’t really realize it until after I moved to Miami, but Portland is like a gluten-free mecca! It was ahead of the curve for many years, but now that gluten-free is blowing up around the country, Portland just has some crazy options! I’ve been pretty happy with the options in Miami (especially recently), but when I go to gluten-free bakeries or stores like New Season’s (freezer cases of gluten-free options) in Portland I almost want to cry. I’m making do in Miami (don’t get me wrong), but there are some truly special options in Portland for gluten-frees. Here is what I have tried so far on trips back to Portland since starting my blog-

  • Bamboo Sushi (NW 23rd Ave)– sustainable sushi restaurant with some delicious and good quality sushi (for a price). They have gluten-free tempura, but unfortunately when they visited they didn’t have a separate fryer, so it’s not safe for celiacs. They were able to accommodate other items very well.
  • Besaw’s (Breakfast/Brunch, Northwest 23rd)– this was an old favorite growing up. Great breakfast/brunch place (especially to get the Portland vibe). It’s become even more of a favorite with the gluten-free options they have (French toast, pancakes, bread).
  • Boise Fry Company (West Burnside, Uptown)– gluten-free buns and all sauces and seasonings are clearly marked (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan). Their slogan is “burgers on the side” and they have tons of different kinds of french fries (with lots of different kinds of potatoes and styles).
  • Corbett Fish House (SW Corbett Ave)– has been doing gluten-free for years! Their batter on their fish and chicken strips is gluten-free. Also has gluten-free fried cheese curds. All their soups, sauces, etc. are gluten-free.
  • Dick’s Kitchen (Burgers, NW 21st Ave)– focus on fresh, quality, and healthy burgers (with a lot of different kinds of meats). They also have gluten-free buns. Goes together to make some delicious burgers!
  • Groundbreaker Brewery (Close-In SE)– first 100% brewery in the world. Has a wide range of gluten-free beers, plus a gluten-free gastropub.
  • Iorio (Italian, Close-In SE)– ranked as a top Italian restaurant in Portland and they have gluten-free house-made pasta and GNOCCHI! One of my favorite gluten-free options in Portland. Delicious gluten-free pasta (the gnocchi is to die for).
  • Kyra’s Bake Shop (Lake Oswego)– originally called Crave Bake House. The owner won Cupcake Wars against regular cupcakes so you know they have to be good! A great place for cupcakes and sweets. Love their bagels too. Haven’t been to their new, expanded location but am guessing if they’ve expanded their menu (I think possibly to included sandwiches) that it’s a great bet!
  • McMenamins (American, across Portland)– well known chain across the Northwest with good bar food, beer, etc. Has some very cool locations (inside an old elementary school, old hotels, funeral chapel, etc.). They have gluten-free buns. When I tried it a few years ago the bun wasn’t the best (though standard for a gluten-free bun). It may have gotten better since then.
  • New Cascadia Bakery (Close-In SE)– one of the original gluten-free bakeries in Portland. Has a wide range of breads, savory baked goods, and sweets. A favorite is their ice cream sandwich.
  • Papa Murphy’s (locations across Portland)– Take & Bake pizza company (you bake it at home) with locations across Portland and the country. Uses Udi’s pizza crust for their gluten-free pizza. You can watch them make it if you order in the store and then you bake it at home, so you can prevent a lot of cross-contamination vs. usual pizza places. One of my favorites (as it tastes similar to their regular pizza I sometimes used to sneak as a kid).
  • Pasta Pastini (across Portland)– chain around the Portland-area with gluten-free pasta. They can do most of their pasta dishes with the gluten-free pasta substituted. Also has some delicious gluten-free tiramisu.
  • Petit Provence (NE Alberta and locations across Portland)– French brunch spot with delicious macarons (gluten-free) and gluten-free bread. Also has a number of very filling breakfasts).
  • Petunia’s Pies and Pastries (Downtown)– gluten-free and vegan bakery. Love their cookies and like their cookie sandwich (like the flavor of the coconut milk ice cream). Great options for vegans and think it’s a nice stop for anyone for the items that aren’t traditionally made with a lot of dairy.
  • Pizza Schmizza (across Portland)– pretty good gluten-free pizza. It reminds me of dragon rice pizza from Saturday Market in Portland when I was a kid, so I like it for the nostalgia. Plus love that the NW 21st Ave location (also a bar) is open late.
  • Pizzicato (across Portland)– chain around Portland. One of my favorite kind of pizzas (especially as leftovers). Good crust and good quality, delicious toppings.
  • Sizzle Pie (East and West Burnside)– has a gluten-free crust and A LOT of different specialty flavors, including a lot of vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Stormbreaker Brewery (N Mississippi Ave)– solid Portland brewery with some good fresh food, including gluten-free buns.
  • Supa (Sandwiches, Pearl)– grilled cheese on pretty good gluten-free bread. Plus most soups are also gluten-free.
  • Teote (Latin fusion, Close-In SE)– has a wide range of arepas that are gluten-free. Like the flavors they provide with their arepas. It’s different from traditional Colombian or Venezuelan arepas I am used to from Miami. Almost would describe it as Mexican flavors on top of arepas.
  • Tula Gluten-Free Bakery Cafe (NE MLK Blvd)– this is now my favorite gluten-free bakery in Portland. Tons of delicious savory gluten-free foods (sandwiches, pizzas, ham and cheese rolls) and some delicious sweets. Love their sea salt chocolate chip cookies!
  • Via Chicago (Pizza, NE Alberta)– it has gluten-free deep dish pizza!
Gluten-free gnocchi at Iorio

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